Sip on this powerful Margarita worry free since there is no sugar in this recipe!

It’s great to make a big batch for a gathering like a TannerGonzalez social or an outdoor BBQ.  But don’t plan on keeping any in the fridge as it goes quickly.

TannerGonzalez recommends using premium tequila to avoid having a massive headache in the morning.  The choice is yours but we recommend:
Hornitos Repasado

Keeping in tradition of the ‘hood we use the term shots.  So use a shot glass,  not all of use proper cups, or ounces.   At a party we use shot glasses so we can keep it simple.

Use a regular size shot glass and you can scale up and  you can Mexican Wrench it up or down as you please. Even add other booze like Contreau, Gran Marnier or EverClear.

This is a real simple and straightforward recipe like a true Hispanic would drink.  No mixers or blenders or special containers.  Just mix and sip!  The recipe will need to be made to your flavor it’s not an exact science as we have different flavors.

Use fresh squeezed lime juice if you want to make a big impression, you can substitute lime juice from the grocery store, I recommend spending more here to avoid skimping on flavor.

We here at TannerGonzalez prefer a strong margarita with lots of tequila and a good punch.

Remember to Drink Responsibly!

Tip – Paler green limes and those with yellow spots, and those with thin skin are juicier than darker-skinned limes or those with thicker skin. Medium/large limes seem to release their juice easier than small limes.

This is the original homemade margarita from TannerGonzalez, and it’s easy. Only 3 ingredients and nothing fake, neon green, or full of sugary chemicals in sight. They’re tart and sweet enough, but not too sweet, and go down incredibly easy. We use freshly squeezed lime juice and recommend doing so. Agave is sold in nearly all grocery stores and big box retailers. The average-sized shot glass holds the same amount of liquid as a 1/4-cup measuring cup. It’s easy to make the recipe in bulk. X parts this to Y parts that.

1 to 1 1/2 shots lime juice (1 shot glass equals 1/4 cup liquid)
1 shots water
1 to 2 shots tequila
1/2 to 1 shot agave nectar, or to taste
Pour over Ice


Over a large cup, squeeze limes, about 2 medium/large, ripe limes.
Add the water, tequila, agave, and stir. Taste and see if you need to make tweaks.
Serve immediately. Recipe is intended for those whom alcohol use is legal, done responsibly, and is appropriate.