About TannerGonzalez

TannerGonzalez was founded in 2007 by Gregory Tanner, inspired by his mother, in Denver, Colorado.
From modest roots on the South side of Denver, the  TannerGonzalez brand was the vision to become a Hispanic taste maker selling quality t shirts and women’s handbags inspired with Hispanic motifs and handcrafted workmanship.
TannerGonzalez quickly became a favorite among the local Denverites and in Aspen where Greg spends much of his spare time.    As the company grew it became more of a Hispanic Influence focusing on creating more refined mens luxury accessories and curated one of a kind products.

As Gregory started to lay the foundations with the vision of being the World’s First Hispanic Luxury Brand.™ ,   his business model became more based on direct contact with his customer base, control over the process and constantly driving the quality vision.

TannerGonzalez now produces one of a kind, hand crafted products, luxury accessories, and a new fragrance. The TannerGonzalez brand is continuing its path to be innovative but rooted in its Hispanic Influence.  TannerGonzalez applies its creative eye to entertainment, food, drink and a full interactive lifestyle through its Hispanic Luxury Life blog.

About TannerGonzalez founder – Gregory Tanner

I am Denver born & raised, I have an entrepreneurial passion for style and Hispanic culture.  In 2007, I created TannerGonzalez as a Hispanic luxury brand and the company has morphed into a place to share my new luxury accessories and curate Hispanic Influence.  I share my experiences of Colorado through entertainment, food and fashion.


Del Friscos Grill in Cherry Creek (Denver) for friends and cocktails.   Pepi’s in Vail for a day get away.

I enjoy San Pelligrino Aranciata,  authentic Mexican American  and “New Mexican” food.

In my spare time – I swim year ‘round outdoors at Cherry Creek Athletic club,  I watch copious amounts of rugby (part of my job at Professional Rugby Agency),  love sports and entertaining.


All recommendations featured on TannerGonzalez.com are a true representation of my style. Many of our products are one of a kind. Once purchased, it will forever be catalogued in the TannerGonzalez archives.

Drop me a note

Questions? Comments? Interested in collaborating? Contact me at Tanner@TannerGonzalez.com

More about Greg-

Greg is a stylist, designer, entreprenaur and the creative director at TannerGonzalez .  The name TannerGonzalez comes from his mothers maiden name of Gonzalez who was a bon vivant and an inspirational mother, keen to keep her Hispanic culture alive through her children.   With an eye for detail and deep interest in fashion,   Greg started TannerGonzalez.   Greg’s passion for developing a Hispanic luxury brand was ignited by the need to capture the rich heritage, beauty and detail of Hispanic influence.  TannerGonzalez has developed from high quality men’s apparel and later, to accessories and curated one of a kind products which has turned the TannerGonzalez brand into a Hispanic Influence in America.

10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago a dream to start a Hispanic influenced brand built around attention to detail and quality was realized when TannerGonzalez was started.   Since then we have developed into a lifestyle brand offering one of kind products, curated products and mens luxury accessories.    TannerGonzalez.com has taken the Hispanic influence lifestyle to an interactive experience surrounded by food, drink, entertainment and mens fashion.

Our online shop is a great place to shop, learn about Hispanic influences and build your own Hispanic luxury lifestyle.

Tanner Gonzalez is a Hispanic American owned brand focusing on creating a brand that Hispanics can identify with to set themselves apart.  The brand combines music, art, street ambition and culture to become a cohesive Hispanic influence.  Our accessories and clothes can be found at boutiques and online.