Great car date

If you and your significant other feel like your dating routine is getting stale, there’s an easy way to shake it up– plan for a date night in your car! There are lots of fun ideas that will give you great memories to talk about long after the date is over and these are great ways to save money and have a fun night out with your loved one. Check out a few of these for inspiration.

Have a Picnic

Pick three or four of your favorite restaurants in town. Drive to each one and order just one thing off the menu. Put together a meal with all the different things you order: burgers from one place, fries from another, and so on. You can then drive to a park and enjoy your DIY feast. If the weather doesn’t permit, you can even park somewhere and have your meal in the car.

You can also spend a day together in the kitchen making sandwiches, baking cookies, preparing a whole traditional picnic and drive somewhere secluded to eat at the end of the day.

Car date Checklist:

Clean your car

Blankets /chairs

Trash bags

Find a nice couple of destinations

End with a dessert stop

After all that driving, stop for a sweet snack! The easiest place for us to get sweets late at night is fast food joints which always have milkshakes, but if you’re lucky enough to have a late night donut shop or a 24 hour diner– take advantage. Finish your car date with a dessert to share.