One of the things we get asked here at TannerGonzalez is – “How do it make an impression on a first date?”.   In this modern age where people don’t meet in person and use photo filters, old photos,  and take pictures in the best light – the time to meet can be very stressful.   The first recommendation we have is to take a recent and realistic photo of yourself for your profiles and specially your dating profile pictures.   If you have a realistic profile picture,  meeting in person and making an impression should be easy.

So how do you make an impression on the first date?   Here are the secrets from TannerGonzalez:

  1.  Get flawless fitting clothes.   Yes,  spend the money to get a custom shirt or take your shirt(s) to a tailor and have them fitted to your size,  whether your are fit or fat, this makes a big difference on your looks.  If you are overweight  a fitted shirt and coat can take 20 pounds off of the way you look.    When you have nice clothes you will get a boost in confidence.  Women love men with confidence (not cockiness!).    Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals!.  Don’t think that everyone loves your toes as much as you do.   Wear a nice dress shirt with some nice updated jeans,  if you don’t have nice jeans don’t wear them,  move to some casual pants.   You can’t go wrong with a fitted suit and an opened dress shirt.  You can dress down on the second date.
  2. Smell good.  Make sure you have a go to fragrance.   This can mean a lot to many men,  ask your female friends to help you, ask your sister,  but don’t do it on your own unless you have experience.
  3. Make sure your hair looks good,  use product and style it.
  4. Pay attention to the details like a watch, bracelet, socks, handkerchief.  These things can say a lot about a man and the way he handles his business.


Remember that no matter where you go or what you do pretend you have been there and done it.  Act normal in your clothes and finally,  mind your manners.  Open and hold doors for women.   Say “Please” and “Thank you”.  If you get a compliment don’t say anything except “thank you very much”.  Flatter your date often.   Don’t rush.    If you pay attention to her, you should make a great impression on the first date.